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Demonstration to Save Our Businesses in Orihuela Costa

Carlos_Asturias_Restaurante_Orihuela_Costa Demo to Save Orihuela Costa Businesses Reporting on Demo to Save Orihuela Costa Businesses TV  Reporting on Save Orihuela Costa Businesses



Business owners in Orihuela Costa will demonstrate on Tuesday, 14 April, 2009 at 1 p.m. (13.00 hours) against the neglect of their interests by the Orihuela Town Hall. The demonstration will take place between the Playa Flamenca office of the Town Hall and the Mercadona parking. Concerns about the impact of the Beer Festival on the livelihoods of local businesses were already made known on the occasion of the inauguration of the event by Mayoress Monica Lorente when a number of business owners protested. They were removed from the scene by the local police.

Business owners in Orihuela Costa are severely affected by the economic crisis. The recent organisation of special events without their participation will only damage them further. The celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, which lasted 3 days, resulted in economic losses equivalent to 40-50% of the normal takings of bar and restaurant owners. The Beer Festival, which will last 17 days, is being held over the Easter holidays when bar and restaurant owners in particular were hoping, with the influx of tourists, to make up for the low level of economic activity over recent months. The Beer Festival will have more serious economic consequences than the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

Business owners and C.L.A.R.O. WELCOME the organisation of fiestas in Orihuela Costa. However, these events must be organised with the full participation of local businesses. Orihuela Costa depends on the long term success of its local businesses. We all suffer when they were forced to shut up shop as too many are having to do. The present crisis will not be of short duration. At the moment, local business owners are not represented by an effective business association. ACOSTA, which claims to represent Orihuela Costa businesses owners, is totally ineffective. When they made representations to the Councillor for the Coast about the effects of the Beer Festival they got nowhere and yet their President chose to appear on the inaugural stand with the Mayoress at the opening of the event. That is why local business owners have turned to C.L.A.R.O. for support. Unfortunately, the Town Hall will not listen to them without a convincing demonstration of their determination to defend their interests.

We demand that Orihuela Town Hall puts in place a programme of activities which will satisfy the 30,000 residents of Orihuela Costa and at the same time bring benefits to local businesses. Orihuela city, 30 kilometres distant from the coast, enjoys fabulous fiestas. With imagination and a small share of the annual budget for fiestas, Orihuela Costa could enjoy events such as:

EASTER PROCESSIONS – surely with the help of the three churches in Orihuela Costa, the Town Hall could organise an impressive event

MOORS AND CHRISTIANS – surely this hugely important festival in Orihuela could stage a supporting event in Orihuela Costa

SAN JOSE, DAY OF THE PATRON SAINT – Orihuela Costa should have celebrations like every village and city in Spain

THREE KINGS – this very Spanish Christmas tradition should also be celebrated in Orihuela Costa

MUSIC AND THEATRE – Orihuela Costa residents enjoy music and theatre just like the citizens of Orihuela who are regularly treated to big events

These and other events would:

• attract major participation,

• help local businesses

• and provide enjoyment for Orihuela Costa residents.

A successful demonstration on 14 April is, unfortunately, the only way we can make it happen.

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