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Summer Festival for Orihuela Costa

Summer Festival for Orihuela Costa 4th & 5th July 2009

ECO presented its proposals for a Summer Festival entitled ‘Territorio Pirata’ – to which, after some deliberation the council agreed.
The carnival style fiesta will run over the 4-5 July and include a grand parade along Avenida de la Playa in La Zenia.
The parade feature floats provided by the three ECO branches of Playa Flamenca, La Zenia and Cabo Roig, music and dancing and would weave through the streets before ending at the communal area behind Consum. ECO has already secured sponsorship from Caja Murcia, Bancaja and Cepsa and can provide pirate costumes for adults and children.
The pirate theme would be continued in the local bars and restaurants across the whole of the Orihuela Costa, with tailored decorations and cocktails. Although the festival would end at the communal meeting point, the crowds would be encouraged to disperse to the local bars and restaurants after the fireworks, to enjoy the rest of the evening. It is hoped that people will join in the party atmosphere by dressing up to reflect the pirate theme.
It is believed that the festival would bring people to the area from across the Costa Blanca and would, therefore benefit all businesses. However, there were a number of objections from the audience and the councillors. These were mainly centred around funding, timescales and a debate over whether the meeting point should supply food and drink – the concern being that people might stay there, rather than moving on to local bars. However, after much debate the councillors agreed to the ECO proposals and have promised to support the initiative both financially and by helping with policing, closing the streets, pre-promotion and the supply of electricity to the communal area. The Council has asked all four local business groups to submit proposals for 2010 fiestas by September this year and ECO is keen to see this particular event grow.
Jeronimo Salmeron, ECO president said: “The initial idea was to have five locations across the Orihuela Costa, all themed under the Territorio Pirata and a free bus to ferry people between the areas. However, in the timeframe we have it was perhaps a little ambitious, but this is what we would like to see in years to come. It would be fantastic to see everyone in fancy dress waking from bar to bar and to see the Costa buzzing with a party atmosphere.”
The proceeds from the Summer Festival will be donated to the local church in La Zenia and used to help charities, the poor and the needy in the area. Orihuela Town Hall said it is looking forward to working with ECO over the coming weeks to organise the event.
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